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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  January 18, 2013 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> i view this situation as one big lie. >> lance armstrong finally comes clean to oprah winfrey. more on his admission to using
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performance enhancing drugs during his cycling career. >> inauguration fever hits the district again. a look at preparations event. >> ♪ ♪ >> and some creative ravens fans hit youtube to cheer on their team ahead of sunday's championship game. "good morning washington" at 5:00 a.m. begins now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. good morning, washington. it is friday, january 18. i am scott thuman. >> i am cynne simpson. got to love friday. we will get to meteorologist jacqui jeras to find out what the forecast told. >> we are just going to look forward to the weekend. we will forget about what has happened and move on. the storm system stayed well to our south and pushed off to the east. we came out with nothing.
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we do have a couple snow showers trying to dig in this morning. it is not going to amount to much. ms. mosley will be north of the metro area right now. it's 38 degrees in d.c., 36 at dulles, 36 in gaithersburg, 35 at bwi and 34 in hagerstown. we will drop down over the next couple hours before we get to a sunrise at 7:27. we should see mostly sunny skies and 34 degrees by 9:00, 36 at noon 37 and sunday at 5:00. high temperature of 39. it will be a little breezy today, but you can shave off 5 degrees from the thermometer for what your body will feel. it is the first time to see the sun shines all week long. a warm up on the weekend and then a big drop by the middle of next week. details on that coming up in a few minutes. first, we will check on traffic on this friday morning with jamee. >> coming in from the west, the
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greenway, a dulles toll road 267, 66, to report. open from the beltway to across the 14th street bridge, good morning. new york avenue, travel lanes reported open. fairfax police in virginia dealing with a crash northbound 28 out of manassas park to 66, a pressure for new braddock road. there's still some activity on the shoulder. accident reported in count on the suitland parkway near silver hill road. back to you. >> thank you. 5:03 is the time. this is the interview. lance armstrong sat down with oprah winfrey and confessed to using performance enhancing drugs. >> during last night's interview. there will be another part today.
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brianne carter is in a satellite center with more on this hot topic. >> absolutely. we do know that he said he views this as one big cllie. he said then he began building after the 1990's. after years of lying, lance armstrong is finally coming clean. >> my cocktail was only epo, but not allot, transfusions, and testosterone. all of the faults and all the blame has fallen on me. >> he admitted to using performance enhancing drugs in an exclusive interview with oprah. he said he was coping during all of his tour de france victories. he said at times he was a bully. >> if i did not like what someone said, and for whatever reason in my own head, as i saw that as someone being disloyal
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or a friend turning on you, i tried to control that and say they are liars. >> here is already been stripped of his titles and the olympic medals than the one in 2000. now there could be possible civil lawsuits. >> the story was so perfect for so long, just this mythic perfect story. brac the second part of the interview airs tonight on the own network. let us know what you think. tweet us at the show or tweet me directly, on the admission. >> thank you. opening statements expected to get underway today in the misconduct trial of anne arundel county executive john leopold prosecutor. assayed and used officers in his police detail to compile files on potential rivals and for security when he had sex with a county employee and public parking lots. he waived his right to a jury
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trial and a judge will determine his guilt or innocence. he denies any wrongdoing. >> 5:05 right now. just three days away from the inauguration on monday. preparations are underwa>> hundreds of thousands on their way to the capitol grounds. john gonzalez is joining us now from the site to talk about what is underway today. >> i guess we can say one business day away. organizers of the inauguration are calling it a scaled-down inauguration, but they still expect 900,000 people converged on the national mall on monday morning. that's about half the size we saw a four years ago. 250,000 people will have coveted tickets for the president's platform, which has been in the works for weeks now. if you are lucky enough to have one of those tickets, use the correct date. that was a big problem four years ago when hundreds of
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people got stuck inside the third street tunnel. that done all this time will remain). congestion will be a major concern this weekend and on monday. web sites are busy this morning with people reserving parking spaces in advance. we're not only talking about the inauguration and the parade but the number of exhibits have opened up and are on display are ready, including former presidents in wax at madam tussaud's wax museum and history display at the newseum. there will be a very large area closed off two of vehicular traffic. essentially, from second street behind the u.s. supreme court all the way past the parade route and the white house to 19th street in northwest d.c. and several blocks north and south for the road closures. the vehicle restricted area also
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includes around the reflecting pool and the lincoln memorial and several blocks to franklin and mcpherson square. if you are coming monday morning, get here early and have a plan. reporting live, john gonzalez abc 7 news. >> thousands of national guard soldiers and airmen from 25 states and territories arriving in d.c. today to help with the security and some of the other duties during the inauguration. they will be processed at the d.c. armory this morning. the 6000 strong force will help with traffic controls, cladistics, crowd management and other areas. stay with abc 7 for complete coverage of the inauguration. you will find lots of information on our website all you have to do is click on the inauguration of 2013 tab. >> d.c. residents are voicing their opposition to a school closure plant protesters.
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rallied thursday outside school chancellor kaya henderson's house. they want a moratorium on the closures which will affect 2500 students. the district plans to close 15 schools with low attendance. the students will have to transfer to neighboring schools. anderson said the consolidation will save the city $8.5 million a year. >> if you would like to talk with gaithersburg police officers in a casual setting now's your chance. the department is hosting an event this morning from 8:00 until 10:00 at the subway restaurant on muddy branch road in gaithersburg garrett officers will be on hand to answer questions about crime and quality of life issues. 5:09, 37 degrees this morning. >> still ahead, an update on the crisis, the hostage situation in
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>> i know some folks in our area were little disappointed they did not get snow. heavy snowfall in roanoke virginia, left tens of thousands without power. the weight of the snow broke the tree branches and led to a downed power lines and is being blamed for several crashes in southwest virginia and in the river valley regions.
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be careful what you wish for sometimes. >> this was a strange storm in that so much of the snow was centered to the south. >> a got hit hard in roanoke and in the mountains in north carolina. they had plenty of snow in birmingham alabama, and jackson, mississippi, it was a record snowfall for them, just shy of two inches. it was challenging to forecast. we were right on the edge, so it was a stuffed forecast. we came out with nothing this time. there are a couple of light snow flurries up to the north. along the mason-dixon line, a little wraparound energy on the backside of that. lake-effect snow is going on as well. 38 degrees now in d.c., 36 adults, 34 in winchester now. we will be cooling down. --it's 36 degrees at dulles. it will be 34 degrees at 9:00,
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36 at noon, 37 at 5:00, highs in the upper 30's. sunshine this weekend. we will have a blast of a cool down in the seven-day forecast, minutes away. now to jamee with traffic. >> open roads now around the beltway, no problems in silver spring, passing new hampshire avenue, and landover, new carrollton 270 looking great past middlebrook road. no problems in gaithersburg. 270 new shady grove road plant and on 355 at shady grove road here. northbound 28 before 66, accident activity on the shoulder. 395 and 95, stafford and through the beltway and to the 14th street bridge, this is what it looks like. back to you. >> thank you.
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we love anytime the roads are clear. it's 38 degrees on this friday morning. >> and an update on verizon's effort to clear up 911 problems from last summe
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>> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington" with cynne simpson and scott thuman. this is "good morning washington," on your side.
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>> 5:17 now. the british foreign office says the hostage situation in algeria involving seven americans is ongoing and it says it can provide no further details. on thursday, algerian forces stormed the gas plant in the sahara where and all kind of shoot was holding many foreign nationals. some americans escape while others remain held or are not accounted for. some were killed. >> president obama has a support group that will give him a chance to promote his agenda outside the confines of the white house. the group called organizing for action will train future leaders and work on key legislative battles and local issues around the country. the house republicans may look for short-term extension of the
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government's borrowing limit to avoid an immediate default. gop leaders will not say how long of an extension is being considered for all what conditions might be attached. president obama says he's willing to debate spending cuts, but that the debt ceiling should not be a link to a budget battle. >> verizon says it has made significant progress in dealing with issues stemming from last summer's deadly derecho. this comes after the virginia state corporation commission said 911 outages were caused by the company's failure to perform necessary maintenance. the panel also said verizon failed to monitor and respond to the outages which disrupted 911 service to nearly 2 million people in northern virginia. what a mess that was. nice to sea there getting on top of it. >> for the next big snowstorm. >> we did not need to worry about that so much yesterday. >> we were not calling to rub it in.
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>> i would rather take about the sunny skies you are predicting now. >> it was not a major storm. everything stays to our south and east. you have to be prepared this time of year for anything. here's a look at the satellite and radar picture. look at that swirl on the bottom of the animation. that shows the tract of the low. this was in its early stages. look at how it pulled off to the east very quickly. so that kept us out of the pick of the storm. most of our viewing area did not get anything. -- kept us out of the thick of the storm. we have cold air blowing over the lake so the snow showers have been picking upp. and a few snow flurries this
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morning along the mason-dixon line. we are clearing the things out for the most part now. we will see sunshine today. 38 degrees is the temperature now. wind out of the north northwest at 12 miles an hour, so it feels colder. it feels 5 degrees colder than the temperatures here. 34 in manassas, feels like upper 20's. be averaged today is 43 and 28. we will stay on the cooler side of things today. rulemakings into the mid to upper 30's this afternoon. -- we will make it into the mid to upper 30's. looking for big blast by the end of the weekend into early next week. futurecast shows quiet conditions here. it will arrived here early next week. mostly sunny today breezy and cold 35-40 degrees. clear and cold tonight mostly clear. it will be nippy tomorrow
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morning. a nice weekend in the upper 40's. inauguration day may have a few snow flurries at 38 degrees. low 30's on tuesday, lucky to reach 30 degrees for the high temperature on wednesday. get your winter coats ready. >> traffic is quiet is on this friday morning in our nation's capital. this looks good. pennsylvania abbott don't, 14th street d.c. 295 looking fine. inbound suitland parkway near silver hill road, minor accident. there's an accident before new braddock road, near 66, off to the shoulder. on the beltway looking good at the american legion bridge. no trouble report on the entire beltway. traveling are open out of kensington,, connecticut avenue, and then getting through town.
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looks pretty good. back to you. >> thank you. there's a new facebook feature for your phone and it's free. >> could misspelled words protect your computer? paula faris has more. >> facebook introduces 3 cell phone calling for the iphone. if you download the app you can make charges free of charge -- you can make calls for a start 21 also has the app. at&t is now making face time widely available on its alternatcellular network. temple run video game took 12 hours on thursday to give the no. 1 spot on the free apps list. could being a bad speller make you safer? computer users whose passwords
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contain misspelled words or poor grammar are less likely to have their accounts hacked.
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>> here is lauren braun. >> he and kobe bryant headlined the matchup for the night. -- here is lebron. >> unstoppable lebron james had 39 points for miami. dwyane wade had 37. miami is atop the east while the lakers have fallen five games below 500, not good for los angeles. >> looking at 37 degrees. a lot more news when we continue at 5:30. >> three days away from the
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presidential inauguration. the final touches are in full swing john. gonzales will join
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead, after a decade of denial, lance armstrong finally admits to using performance enhancing drugs. good morning, washington. it's friday, january 18. i am cynne simpson. >> i am scott thuman. eye-black to have you long as we finished the worstworkweek -- glad to have you along as we finish the work week. jacqui jeras is with us.
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>> we were on edge of the storm but nothing happened. we have a few snow showers currently towards the mason- dixon line. we are looking at mostly sunny skies today, the first appearance the sun is making all week. it will be breezy and cold today, and 30. but this weekend looks former. temperatures this morning in the 30's across the region. we are expecting a higher around 39 degrees. we will show you the weekend forecast in a few minutes. first from the belfort furniture weather center comments time for traffic and weather jamee. >> coming off the beltway for 395, off 95, to tell you about heading towards the 14th street bridge, not much volume. same story out of dale city. checking out fine. fairfax police on the scene of a crash on northbound 28, near 66
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and new braddock road. a utility pole is still on top of a car, but you can get through. beltway lanes are open in maryland leaving college park past new hampshire avenue. a crash on maryland rte. 200. back to you. >> thank you. a situation we have been monitoring that is breaking with new developments. the hostage situation in algeria. >> let's get to jummy olabanji for the latest. >> within the past couple minutes, the oxide-linked group behind the mass kidnapping said it plans to carry out even more operations -- the al qaeda- linked group. a local source also told reuters in algeria that a u.s. plane landed early this morning at an airport 30 miles from the gas plant where the hostages were
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being held. the airplane was there to reportedly evacuate americans caught up in a crisis. sources say they may be headed to london later today. an american from texas remains missing in this crisis. that report from fox news. as soon as i get more, i will have it for you. back to you. >> thank you. and other really big story today is lance armstrong. >> 0 or winfrey aired the first part of her interview with him in which he is admitted to using performance enhancing drugs. -- oprah winfrey. >> after more than a decade of line, lance armstrong finally tell the truth. exclusive interview, he said he began using performance enhancing drugs including cortisone and eop in apo in the mid- 90s. he said he did not think it was
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possible to win the tour de france seven times in a row without doping. he says all the faults and all the blame falls on him. >> this is too late, too late for probably most people. that's my fault. i viewed this situation as one big lie that i repeated a lot of times. >> the also says that he is sorry that the sport is now paying the price for the culture of doping during those days. we are hearing some of your reactions on twitter already. one person says he did not want and did not care and armstrong is a jerk and deserves all the civil litigation that comes his way. the second part of the interview will air tonight on own. brianne carter reporting. >> there will be a lot of angry
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reaction. let's a lot of people will be watching for the second part as well. john gonzalez is on capitol hill. the nation's capital getting ready for monday's presidential inauguration. >> let's go to john right now to talk about what is under way today. >> excitement brewing on capitol hill. president obama will have two swearing-in ceremonies the next couple days. there will be a private sunday and then the public ceremony on monday morning. organizers on capitol hill predict about 900,000 people will watch that ceremony in person here on the national mall. 250,000 of the people lucky enough to have tickets to be on the president's platform. the president will use two bibles, one on sunday and won on monday. one of them once owned by abraham lincoln and the one he will use on martin luther king day on monday was once owned by martin luther king jr. himself.
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you don't need tickets for the parade. you do need them to be on the platform. for the parade, no tickets, but it will be tough getting a spot. here's a look at the route. the parade will run from run straightto 15th street on pennsylvania avenue. it will be secured entrance gates pretty much east bloc or every other block on each side of pennsylvania. the parade starts roughly around 2:30 in the afternoon on monday. you can start picking your spot at 7:00 in the morning. -- security entrance gates will be pretty much at each block or every other block on each side of pennsylvania avenue. >> we will have on lots of lawyers for that. >> it's 37 degrees right now. >> still ahead metro escalator
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hi, we're from jamestown and we are doing the pennies for patients for the leukemia and lymphoma society. learn more at the web site. >> good morning, washington.
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>> and never gets old. i love it. gretzky up the good work, guys. we appreciate your contributions. 5:40 is the time. >> jamee whitten as an update on traffic. >> i do. nice and quiet. i must tell you. around our region, getting down to the beltway and on to the beltway looks good if you are using 295, b-w parkway 95, 50 the john hanson highway, not much to tell you. looking good at good luck road. the beltway west of connecticut avenue, no incident. heading down to the beltway on 270, travel lanes are open. but in virginia on 95 395, and seeing a little volume in woodbrige, more cars pushing north towards the beltway. crossing the 14th street bridge,
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pennsylvania avenue is a beauty, nice and quiet. for the forecast, jacqui jeras. >> is going to be another record as day to day after a swing and miss of our storm yesterday. we are clearing out and things will look a lot better. we are noticing a couple light snow showers and snow flurries towards the mason-dixon line on super doppler. beastie boys in frederick county and washington county. in montgomery county as well on 270. it will be very short-lived and will clear out rapidly. 36 at dulles, 38 at reagan national. expect mostly sunny skies today, breezy and cold, highs in the mid 30's to 40 degrees. this weekend we will shoot into the upper 40's with plenty of sunshine. you can thank me for the sunshine this weekend if you are mad over missing the snowfall yesterday. big changes ahead for early next week. an arctic blast is headed this way. we have the inauguration on
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monday. expecting partly sunny skies passing snow flurries, upper 30's. the coldest inauguration was 1985 at 7 degrees. the warmest was 1981 at 55 degrees. both times, the president was ronald reagan. that's a look at your forecast around here. seven-day forecast is minutes away. first, our qatar airways travel forecast. >> flowing with quiet energy. be free. be alive. let the story be
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>> coming up at 6:00, some local competitive cyclists tell us what they hope comes out of lance armstrong's big chill confession. >> and american airlines gives its airplanes a new look. >> and a bucket of balls out of the sky and crashes through the roof of a business, but the mystery is solved. we will explain at 6:00. >> maryland governor martin o'malley today plans to propose
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a standing early voting states in the state. residents would be allowed to register on the same day they cast a ballot. the head of the maryland republican party says same-day registration would invite voter fraud. and o'malley spokeswoman says the bill is simply about providing more opportunities for citizens to register to vote. >> a former d.c. police officer could and the rest of his life in prison after being convicted of killing his girlfriend and their daughter. a jury found richmond phillips guilty of first-degree murder as well as other charges in the 2011 deaths of wynetta wright and jaylin wright. killed his girlfriend and then dumped her body in hillcrest heights park. their daughter's body was found inside a hot car. her family was pleased with the verdict. >> all the lies and deceit, the killing and everything that he's done, today's the day it ended. >> prosecutors say that phillips killed the two just before child
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support hearing. he will be sentenced in march. >> maryland governor martin o'malley will unveil its plan to curb gun violence in the wake of the connecticut school massacre. he will unveil his proposal during a news conference in annapolis today. is expected to call for a ban on military-style assault weapons. he wants tougher licensing requirements and a limit on the size of ammunition magazines. the governor also says its plan will address mental health as well as school safety. >> connecticut's governor will meet with the vice president joe biden today to discuss issues raised by the elementary school shooting. is comes on the same day as another meeting on the future of sandy hook elementary school where 26 people were killed last month. people want that building torn down. others think it should be renovated and reopened. sandy hook students are attending class at a former middle school in a nearby town. the movie theater in colorado where 12 people died and dozens more were hurt in a shooting
5:49 am
rampage last summer and is set to reopen its doors. victims, their families, first responders, and local leaders attended a reopening ceremony thursday night where some boycotted the event. the theater owner plans to temporarily reopen the complex today and it will be permanently reopened next friday. >> new figures on d.c. traffic camera program show it is breaking in a lot of cash. examiner is reporting a program collected nearly $2 million this past december. that is up more than 2000% from december 2011. the district has stood by its program as an effective tool to combat traffic fatalities. the number of traffic related debts dropped by 40% from the previous year. >> big changes around a way for escalators at several metro stations. more than 125 escalators will be replaced or modernized by 2020. a contract worth $150 million has been awarded to a
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corporation to complete the project. crews will begin work at the pentagon station where they will replace three of the six entrance escalators next month. >> the bay and craigslist cracking down on scalped tickets for the inauguration. >> boeing's battery problem as a connection to nasa's international space station. let's find out more from linda bell at bloomberg headquarters. good morning. >> boeing has had a very turbulent week. it turns out that a unit of a japanese company that is behind the boeing batteries also won a contract in august as a pilot scheme by on a battery cells to nasa to help our the international space station -- to power the lithium ion battery cells.
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you are out of luck if you are planning to try on ebay or craigslist for scalps tickets for president obama's inaugural ceremonies. after a push from democratic senator chuck schumer but two web sites and pledged to stop selling them because the tickets are meant to be free. in some cases the tickets were going for thousands of dollars. the value of the white house has climbed while president obama has been in office. the research firm estimates 1600 pennsylvania avenue is pennsylvania avenue $295 million, up from four years ago. linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. >> wow. >> where do i put the down payment? i might be a little short. >> we could pool our resources.
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>> in as a bowling alley. >> all right. the weather did not happen the way we expected. >> a swing and a mess, that's for sure. we told you all along that we were going to be right on the edge of the storm. it did end up staying to the south and pulled off the east very quickly. we all pretty much got a lot of nothing. a guy two inches in charlottesville and 5 inches in roanoke. the snow was heavy and wet and caused power outages in other parts of virginia. so we did not need that kind of snowfall. we do have a little cloud cover and a few light snow showers along the mason-dixon line wrapping been behind the main system. as you look at this animation it shows you the swirl, the upper level circulation. you can see how it pulled off to
5:53 am
the east too quickly. it never quite got here. i'm going incognito today. a couple of light snow showers in frederick county and washington county. we have seen a little long 270 towards gaithersburg and that's about all. we expect clearing skies today currently 38 degrees with a northwest wind, the blustery. at 12 miles an hour, that makes it feel like we are at the low 30's. it 36 in culpeper and 37 in quantico now. the cold air has been advancing and getting pulled in behind the area of low pressure. this is the first dip. we will warm up briefly during the weekend. then a big arctic blast early next week. it will be hitting minnesota and then headed our way by tuesday and wednesday downright frigid. mostly sunny today, breezy and cold, 35 to 40 degrees.
5:54 am
in the twenties tonight. upper 40's with sunshine this weekend. 38 on inauguration day with maybe a snow flurries and only low 30's on tuesday and wednesday. get ready to bundle up. but enjoy the weekend. happy friday jamee. >> at refighting. all lanes open on the beltway. 66, no troubles. maryland there's an accident on the icc. there's light volume, but there's a crash eastbound. lee hill wrat layhill road. 270 southbound trepan and hyattstown, still pretty decent trip past 109 and towards the truck scales, coming out of wheaton and glenmont, trouble
5:55 am
and open in virginia. back to you. >> thank you. it's 37 degrees 5:54. >> arch campbell has a preview
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>> it's 5:57. a new movie is based on the scandal at penn state. the tentative title of the new
5:58 am
movie is "happy valley." al pacino will play joe paterno in the movie. it follows his final years as a coach. the movie will show his career ended in disgrace in the jerry sandusky sex abuse scandal. >> mark wahlberg, russell crowe, and catherine zeta-jones are starring in a new drama called "broken city." >> here is arch campbell. >> good morning. wall burke and russell crowe trying to breathe life into their new movie "broken city." it's all this was for the city? every thing i do is for this great city. >> i chose you because i own you. >> a big city mayor high-risk a former cop to follow his wife.
5:59 am
shot to get fired and cars get chased and bodies pile up. it has a great cast but not much of a script. 2 stars, rated r. here are the best bet for the weekend. lincoln, zero dark thirty, argo , and the silver line inc's playbook. have a great weekend. i'm arch campbell. >> the governor of colorado has made good on the football that he made with maryland governor martin o'malley. the governor mailed a dozen branch out to governor o'malley as payment for the denver broncos lost to the baltimore ravens last week. had the broncos won the game, and o'malley would have had to send a dozen chesapeake bay crabcakes colorado. that's good food. the ravens will take on the new england patriots on sunday for the afc championship. >> some diehard ravens fans have taken to youtube to voice their


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